Pleasant Hill Council At-Large questionnaires

March 21, 2014 

1. What does your city need to do to position itself for future economic growth?

Guffey: I think the most important aspect in positioning the city of Pleasant Hill for future economic growth is to formulate/build on a 5-10-15-year plan. This will help facilitate goals and objectives in all departments as well as give a better picture to the citizens and city staff of where we are at and where we want to go as a community. In this plan we need to be business centric in our thought process. By building and growing businesses, we will in turn generate tax dollars to fund and improve our current city services, sustain residential growth, as well as develop new opportunities for our citizens.

Zvacek: I believe we need people with vision for economic growth.

2. What leadership skills should an Aldermen/Councilman bring to office?

Guffey: A councilman should work hard to listen to the community. To learn more about what is on the minds of our citizens and address any concerns they may have. I firmly believe that honesty and integrity have to be at the forefront of conversations and decision making. Simply serving our community with no ulterior motive is key. I think it is also important to continue engaging in other areas of our community besides city government. Being involved with volunteer groups, sports, church, and other community organizations can lend tremendous benefit in understanding and offer a clearer direction in regard to future decisions, policies and projects.

Zvacek: Willingness to explore change when it is for the betterment of the community.

3. What improvements need to be made to your city’s services, if any?

Guffey: I believe community development and planning is vital to the city of Pleasant Hill’s success. It is paramount. If we can work to attract new businesses and employers we will in turn be able to generate tax dollars to improve all city services. I think we need to invest in our future and be ready for economic growth. To look at ways we can develop infrastructure to attract new businesses and families to our community. We also need to encourage volunteerism. I have said this to folks many times, “I am thankful to live in Pleasant Hill. Its people are its best asset.”

Zvacek: All city services need to have adequate funding.

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