Pleasant Hill Precinct 22 questionnaires

March 21, 2014 

1. What does your city need to do to position itself for future economic growth?

Donovan: In order for Pleasant Hill to position itself for future economic growth, I believe our city must attract new businesses to the area and improve its parks and recreational activities. Additional businesses equal additional revenues, that’s easy math. By improving our parks and recreational sports and activities, we keep families closer to home. This helps build a closer community but also increasing revenues in the City. Families that are not traveling out of town for sports practices are more like to frequent home town establishments for after or before practice meals.

Kramer: Spend the taxpayer’s money wisely.

2. What leadership skills should an Aldermen/Councilman bring to office?

Donovan: A council person should be a better listener than a speaker. They should be open to new ideas and creative in problem solving. A positive attitude is also necessary to inspire others to assist in getting things done.

Kramer: Common sense/open mind.

3. What improvements need to be made to your city’s services, if any?

Donovan: While I’m sure that all the city’s services could be improved in one aspect or another, I would most like to see improvements made to the city’s water and sewer systems as well as improved playable fields and practice areas for recreational sports.

Kramer: We need to improve on all of the above without running our senior citizens out of their homes.

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