East Lynne School Board questionnaires

March 28, 2014 

Name: Marc Bruton

Age: 34

Residence: Harrisonville

Occupation: Business owner, Union carpenter

Public office experience: None.

Community involvement: None.

Name: Crystal Graham-Denner

Age: 31

Residence: Pleasant Hill

Occupation: Treasury analyst, Black and Veatch

Public office experience: None.

Community involvement: Junior Achievement; Harvesters; and Relay for Life.

Name: Mike Parris

Age: 45

Residence: Pleasant Hill

Occupation: Carpenter

Public office experience: None.

Community involvement: Coach; Member, Grace Family Fellowship in Pleasant Hill; ambassador, Shared Hope International; member, The Defenders, an organization to promote Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking awareness.

Name: Jamie Young

Age: 38

Residence: East Lynne

Occupation: Homemaker

Public office experience: Present member, East Lynne School District Board of Education.

Community involvement: None.

1. The overall state budget continues to take big cuts. If education becomes a major piece of those cuts over the next several years, what changes would you be prepared to support in order to accommodate less funding for your district?

Bruton: We don’t have enough funding as it is, that is why I am trying to get involved.

Graham-Denner: Consider all options (and) support only those options that would better us for the future.

Parris: I would have to see what is allocated by the budget to make any kind of decision about budget cuts.

Young: I am never in favor of education having to take financial cuts. I think our teachers and students deserve as many financial and learning resources as possible. Unfortunately, we have had to almost eliminate the Parents as Teachers program due to funding. PAT was a wonderful program for the child and the parent. I am never prepared to support less funding in my district.

2. What is your vision for public education in your community? What kind of relationship should a district/school board have with its community? With its parents and families?

Bruton: My vision is for parents and families to have a good understanding of what is going on within the district and for parents to be responsible for their children’s upbringing and schooling.

Graham-Denner: A school district and its community should work in unison. Our children are our first priority.

Parris: My vision for our school is to exceed state education requirements and bring awareness to the community that East Lynne School has a top-notch staff, ethically and morally, and it can only get better with community support. I will encourage board members, teachers and parents to join forces and work together and strive for the betterment of our children’s education and well-being.

Young: My vision for public education in my community is a school that runs efficiently with few to no problems, and it seems to be working wonderfully. The school board should always be available when needed and always fair and approachable with its community, parents and students. I feel we have been.

3. What are the current challenges within your school district? How do you feel you can help find solutions to these issues?

Bruton: I believe, with the group of people who are elected, we can find solutions that will work for most everybody in the district.

Graham-Denner: Parent involvement, raise more awareness

Parris: I believe funding is the biggest hurdle for our school district. Communication of information is paramount if the district wants to get support from the community. Through families and community involvement we can have a voice that will send the message, East Lynne School District a hidden jewel that warrants the recognition and program funding that any of the “big” schools get.

Young: I currently don’t feel that we have any challenges facing our school board at this time. We are a small enough district that we are lucky enough to not have the challenges of the larger districts. Our test scores are high, and our staff and students seem to very happy at this time.

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