Peculiar aldermen questions

March 28, 2014 

What does your city need to do to position itself for future economic growth?

Ford: Have an established mission statement; Develop a long-term business plan that identifies areas that the municipality desires to improve and develop.

Have established land use/zoning regulations to make both commercial and residential development as expeditious and straight-forward as possible; have “impact fees” that are competitive in comparison to surrounding municipalities.

Have a tax base that not only provides for the expenditures of the city, but is also competitive with that of surrounding cities, in order to attract new residents.

Vassar: No response.

What leadership skills should an Aldermen/Councilman bring to office?

Ford: Be a good listener; be capable of understanding and communicating the needs and desires of the citizens within his/her ward; be capable to interact effectively with citizens, board members, city employees and mayor; management skills derived from previous experiences in the business community will prove invaluable in any community office.

Vassar: Effective communication; trustworthy; ability to see the past, present and future; motivator; organized; listen to employee feedback; relatable to employees; consistent; and takes responsibility.

What improvements need to be made to your city’s services, if any?

Ford: All of the city services should continually be under review with the intent to provide better response times for EMS, police, fire and other related city services. Additionally, any support services offered by the municipality should be continuously reviewed to insure that such services are sufficient to support projected growth.

Vassar: No response.

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