April 7, 2014 


March 28: Belton 10, Ruskin 0. Belton goals: Bridget Byard 3, Dani Austin 3, Mariah Finley, Allison Woltkamp, Molly Chevalier, Alexis Mancilla. Assists: Taylor Evans 3, Sarah D'Attoma 2, Shutout: Shaylee Oldham.


March 31: Raymore-Peculiar 8, Belton 1. Singles: No. 1 Reik Rees (B) def. Alex Oberlander, 10-7; No. 2 Clint Gardner (RP) def. Nicholas Thompson, 10-1; No. 3 Kaleb Schuler (RP) def. Jonathan Vazquez, 10-1; No. 4 Nino Owens (RP) def. Manuel Vallejo, 10-1; No. 5 David Barberis (RP) def. Deivid Guerrero, 10-1; No. 6 Daichi Tadokoro (RP) def. Liang Yue, 10-1.

Doubles: No, 1 Oberlander/Garner (RP) def. Rees/Thompson, 10-5; No. 2 Schuler/Owens (RP) def. Vazquez/Vallejo, 10-1; No. 3 Barberis/Tadokoro (RP) def. Guerrero/Yue, 10-1.

April 1: Raymore-Peculiar 7, Grandview 2 Singles: No. 1 Alex Oberlander (RP) def. Thien Le, 8-3; No. 2 Leonard Greene (G) def. Clint Gardner, 8-5; No. 3 Kaleb Schuler (RP) def. Spencer Terpstra, 8-2; No. 4 Nino Owens (RP) def. Desmon Toliver, 8-0; No. 5 David Barberis (RP) def. Sean Terpstra, 8-0; No. 6 Daichi Tadokoro (RP), win by forfeit.

Doubles: No. 1 Le/Greene (G) def. Oberlander/Gardner, 9-7; No. 2 Schuler/Owens (RP) def. Spencer Terpstra/Sean Terpstra, 8-1; No. 3 Barberis/Tadokoro, won by forfeit.


March 29: Archie 11, Santa Fe 4: Collin Morgan, Collin Lewis, Kody Bray, Calvin Romi and Toby Gibson each drove in two runs for Archie, which put the game away with four runs in the seventh inning. Boston Dickerson was the winning pitcher.

March 28: Sherwood 11, Archie 1: Sherwood scored five runs in the third inning and four in the sixth to end the game. Dakota Jones had Archie’s only hit.

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