Life’s littlest lessons

bbashioum@demo-mo.comMay 30, 2014 

Sherwood High School’s 2014 Valedictorian Jordan Salmon is wise beyond her years.

“I have learned that life is nowhere close to being fair, but God has a plan for all of us, and bad things happening can give you the opportunity to find something within yourself that you never knew you had. It makes you stronger,” Jordan, 18, told the senior class during her May 4 graduation speech.

Jordan said her time in high school has taught her to live life to its fullest.

To her, that also includes focusing on school.

“Don’t ever put that on the back burner,” Jordan said. “There are so many people, even my grandma, who wish they would have tried harder in school.”

Over the last four years, Jordan has kept her grades up – graduating at the top of her class – while also being active outside of the classroom, on the playing field, and within her hometown of Creighton.

She’s ran track, cheered, played volleyball, along with participating in the National Honor Society, FCCLA, FBLA and FFA, and serving on the junior prom committee, while at Sherwood.

After this summer, Jordan has big plans to study at Missouri State in Springfield, where she plans to study for a career as a pharmacist.

With 36 hours of college credit already under her belt, Jordan hopes to sail through her undergraduate studies within three years, then go into pharmacy school.

“My mom was always encouraging of it,” said Jordan, of her career choice. “She had two pharmacy friends who loved (the career).”

She became interested in the profession in eighth grade, and over the last four years, developed a dream to pursue it.

Jordan said she has always loved math, and has been intrigued by science, as well.

“I thought (pharmacy) would be a good match,” Jordan said.

Jordan said she is a country girl at heart, but said she hopes to eventually have a job closer to the city working at a hospital.

“Make sure you’re trying hard all four years and don’t let anything get in your way,” Jordan said. “If you have a dream, do anything you can do to make it come true.”

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