All-MRVC teams announced

June 19, 2014 

The Missouri River Valley Conference recently announced All-Conference teams in several spring sports.


First Team: Austin Nibarger, Oak Grove, Jr.; Josh Shewmaker, Pleasant Hill, Sr.; Cameron Hillbrenner, Odessa, Jr.: Dakota Hearn, Oak Grove, Sr.; Dalton McGaugh, Excelsior Springs, Sr.; Tony Phillips, Oak Grove, Sr.; Aaron Graham, Oak Grove, Sr.; Micah Dillman, Excelsior Springs, Sr.; Alex Smith, Grain Valley, Sr.; Drew Phillips, Oak Grove, Sr.

Second Team: Zach Ehlen, Grain Valley, So.; Landon Hern, Harrisonville, Jr.; Zach Slaven, Grain Valley, Sr.; Austin Creason, Excelsior Springs, Sr.; Tanner Pettet, Pleasant Hill, Jr.; Devin Delmont, Harrisonville, Jr.; Kyle Hix, Harrisonville, Sr.; Jake Kienzler, Oak Grove, Sr.; Tyler Pugh, Excelsior Springs, Sr.; Jake Cooper, Harrisonville, Jr.

Honorable Mention: Morgan Miller, Odessa, So.; Austin Reader, Oak Grove, Jr.; Dan McGaugh, Excelsior Springs, Sr.; Lane Adams, Pleasant Hill, Jr.; Tanner Johnson, Oak Grove, So.; Lucas Schnelle, Oak Grove, Sr.; Kameron Gray, Pleasant Hill, Jr.; Talon Searles, Odessa, Sr.


First team: Reighan Childers, Grain Valley, Jr.; Eleanor Dick, Harrisonville, Fr.; Nathalia Barr, Grain Valley, Sr.; Ashlyn Powers, Excelsior Springs, Sr.; Kelsey Mueller, Excelsior Springs, So.; Payton Sandy, Harrisonville, Fr.; Kaylene Bramwell, Pleasant Hill, Jr,; Kali Carson, Grain Valley, Sr.; Abbey Huston, Harrisonville, Jr.; Sarah Hoke, Pleasant Hill, Jr.; Carlee Doss, Oak Grove, Fr.

Second team: Lexi Schrock, Harrisonville, So.; Sam Berg, Grain Valley, So.; Sianna Aumua, Grain Valley, Jr.; Haley Parker, Harrisonville, Sr.; Sarah Sperry, Oak Grove, So.; Nikki Nulsen, Pleasant Hill, Jr.; Kerinne Murry, Harrisonville, Jr.; Brooke Jones, Excelsior Springs, Jr.; Gracie Ring, Pleasant Hill, Fr,; Morgan Clark, Grain Valley, Sr.; Katie Brenton, Pleasant Hill, Sr.

Honorable Mention: Lexy Lewis, Excelsior Springs, Jr.; Madelynn Kahl, Pleasant Hill, So.; Sydney Holcomb, Grain Valley, So.; Bethany Travis, Harrisonville, Jr.; Jenelle Mausbach, Oak Grove, So.; Abby Winter, Grain Valley, Sr.; Mikayla Olender, Harrisonville, So.


Harrisonville: Matt Prindle, Sr.; Ben Spencer, Jr,; Brandon Brewster, Sr.; Chance Chamberlin, So.; Wyatt Schenker, So.; Doug Croy, Sr.; Andrew Laughlin, Jr.; Ben Styron, Jr.

Pleasant Hill : Thomas Schaefer, Jr.; JacobWatson, So. Cole Miller, Jr.; Brayden Bonnesen, Fr.; Brandon Clevenger, Sr.; Ryan Bolden, Fr.; Joseph Madison, Jr.; John Romer, Jr.; Garrett Bakken, Fr.


Harrisonville: Melisa Watson, Jr.; Leeann Farren, Jr.; Briana Schrock, Jr.; Madison Kittilstad, Jr.; Jordan Ours, Jr.; Kristen Koch, Jr.; Katelyn McKinnis, So.

Pleasant Hill: Heather Hughes, Sr.; Lauren Larkins, Fr.; Anderson Fields, Jr.; Cheyenne Long, So.; Olivia Ferdig, Fr.; Paige Johnson, Fr.; Brianna Shuler, So.; Kassidy Albright, Sr.; Donna Borer, Fr.; Courtney Bakken, Jr.


Harrisonville: Nick Johnson, Eric Farr, Cole Welhoff.

Pleasant Hill : Eric Brons, Ean McKee, Justin Orpin.

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