June 20 Community News & Notes

June 20, 2014 

East Lynne

By Mischaele Bearce

• East Lynne Fire Department had a water rescue for the week. Last week, we had the Board meeting with Jackie Groblebe, Terry and Anthony Faulkenberry, Roy Sparks, Max Schmoll, Connie Kudron, Mischaele and John Bearce, and Mike Davis present. There have been 58 responded calls for the year. General maintenance was done, switching out the old engine to the new engine.

• Happy birthday to Shane Boring, Julie Butler, Savana Hayward, Benny Uselton, Aiden Bowles, Joan Loescher, Kimber Vassar, Sandra Moore, Lisa Mitchell, Marie Darnell, Jocob Youmans and David Harrelson.

• Happy anniversary to Nic and Sara Carr, Shelly and Paul Kreimeyer, David and Tina Long, Jess and Michele Smalley.

West Line

By Gail Lyon

• The Women’s Retreat at the West Line Christian Church was June 14. There were a total of 59 ladies from 16 different churches. The theme was “God’s Faithfulness.” Some of the ladies left for awhile to attend the funeral of Josephine Mathews. Jo was so much a part of the Women’s Retreat before her health failed several years ago. When her granddaughter was reading things that people remembered about Josephine, she mentioned that it was fitting for the retreat to be Saturday. Della Bailey organized the dinner for the Mathews family at the West Line Community building. Naomi Cook also contacted people from church for donations of food and other things needed for the dinner. Once again the community comes together like they always do. Thank you Della and Naomi.

• I attended my great-granddaughter Lilly’n Millers 5th birthday party. It was at Lords Park in Harrisonville. Her grandma, Carla Lyon, made her cake. It was a yellow brick road that led to the Emerald City. Lilly was dressed up like Dorothy.

• I hope every father had a wonderful day.

• Brandi Barrett fixed dinner for her dad, Ray Barrett, and her brother, Joshua Barrett. The menu was pork ribs, green beans, twice baked potatoes, and cherry and blueberry cheesecake. Everyone enjoyed a very good dinner

• Happy Birthday: Rob Irvin 17th, Jessie Humbird 18th, Tim Lyon, Abby Lyon 21st.

• Happy Anniversary: Ron and Lois Fort 19th.

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