6-27 Letter to the Editor

June 27, 2014 

Dear Editor:

Missouri sales taxes have been nickel and diming us to debt over the years. It’s been an eighth-cent here, a quarter-cent there. The Missouri Department of Transportation Ballot issue coming up on Aug. 5 is much beyond by having a .75 percent (three-quarter cent) increase.

Kansas City and St. Louis have a restaurant tax of 2 percent and 1-1/2 percent, respectfully.

Jackson County subsidizes Truman Sports Complex with a .375 percent sales tax.

Besides KC and St. Louis, many other cities charge extra sales taxes including Transportation Development District; Community Improvement District; Capital Improvements; Parks and Recreation; Sports Stadiums; Rehab projects, Public Transportation.

Currently Belton, St. Louis and KC are within the top four with the highest sales taxes in Missouri. Belton mostly at 9.725 percent; St. Louis will be ranging from 8.4 percent to over 12.4 percent as of Oct. 1; KC ranges from 8.35 percent to 12.35 percent.

Since KC and St. Louis border with other states, many probably will shop across the state lines to save on taxes. No wonder Missouri’s revenue is lagging!

With a proposed three-quarter cent MODOT sales tax, it would cost extra $188 to purchase a $25,000 vehicle.

Vote “no” on MODOT sales tax on Aug. 5.


Mary Ann Olsen


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