Horseshoe results

July 3, 2014 

Results from the Peculiar Horseshoe Club League from June 26:

1.Jon Brewster and Michael Bowman; 2. Ron and Terry Highley: 3. Glenn Bowman and Erika Myler; 4. Jackie and Larry Guggisberg; 5. Warren Highley and Memo Ramirez.

High Scratch games last week: Michael Bowman, 121 and 128; Lawrence Loney, 86 and 87; Erika Myler, 83 and 86; Victoria Highley, 83 and 76; Terry Highley, 82; Ron Highley, 76.

High Handicap games last week: Michael Bowman, 139 and 146; Warren Highley, 133 and 139; Erika Myler, 130 and 133; Terry Highley, 128; Dennis Schick, 126; Harlan May, 126; Rusty Fisher, 126.

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