7-4 Letters to the Editor

July 3, 2014 

Dear Editor:

I see that Ron Johnson is using the flag of the United States of America to decorate many of his political signs. This is just flat wrong.

Our flag should not be used to decorate anything. Period. I stopped to look at one of the flags and sure enough, they are very nice, small American flags just like my sons used to salute at their Y Indian Guides camp outs. Those flags were always treated with the utmost respect. They were folded away at night or properly lighted. Johnson's flags are not lit at night. They are just used for his self promotion.

Why on earth a person would use Old Glory to decorate a sign when there are all kinds of red, white and blue pennants and burning available. The red stripes on Old Glory represent the blood of patriots who died so that we all have the right to our many freedoms. And yes, it is not illegal to desecrate our flag as Johnson does, but you would think a person seeking political office would know better. It is also not against the law to burn our flag or to trample it in the mud but that sure doesn't make it right. Those freedoms are what patriots died for.

No other candidate is abusing the flag in this way. I'm sure it's because they know it's wrong. Johnson will get a chance to justify his disrespect of our flag at the candidate forum or sooner. A group of veterans and one lady who lost a loved one will be interested to see just what he has to say.

Mel Wise


Dear Editor:

Arrogance, non-cooperation, and obstruction by particular board members persisted at the June 24 budget hearing and regular meeting. Based on all audience delegates’ comments, others also see this behavior. The recurring messages were “credibility problem,” “lack of respect,” “lack of trust,” “fear of the board by teachers.”

The board developed survey continues to cause much turmoil. This survey was misrepresented from its inception, and is statistically unsound due to negatively biased questions and distribution to only one segment of the district. Marie Vallee reiterated the intent was always to give the survey only to certified classroom teachers because they directly impact students’ education. As a retired Library Media Specialist, Vallee undercut her own value and that of every other person employed by the district that is not a classroom teacher in shaping students’ education.

Board handling of completed surveys has been highly questionable and possible use of them in decision making unprofessional and illegitimate. The immediate transfer of an HHS counselor to classroom teacher at the Cass County Juvenile Center, followed by the resignation of an HHS assistant administrator does little to support the continued petulant stance of certain Board members that the survey was not and will not be used in making personnel decisions.

The survey debacle has created a climate of distrust and fear among staff and with the school board. Four board members continue to openly show their disdain and disrespect of Central Office and building administrators, as seen by their refusal to approve in open session the hiring across multiple buildings of twelve new certified staff. These members do not trust district administration and cannot provide any legitimate, factual evidence as to why. They cannot base any decision they have made so far on fact. Coupled with the inept handling of their survey, there should be great cause for concern as to how far down members of this Board will take this district.

School Board Governance and Operations is part of board policy. Policy BBF is School Board Member Ethics. The behavior of four board members is inconsistent with seven of the 16 listed ethics, most especially, "Remember that the first and greatest concern must be the educational welfare of all students attending the public schools."

The students of the district have been and will continue to be the greatest losers as long as the current makeup of the School Board exists.

El izabeth Price


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