July 11 Community News & Notes

July 11, 2014 

East Lynne

By Mischaele Bearce

• The East Lynne fire department had atleast one call for the week last week.

• John and Mischaele Bearce along with Crystal and Samara Gonzalez, Brecken Nickel and Brandy and Brezlynn Jones went to Bryan, Texas last week for vacation. While visiting John’s sister Jeannie Anson and family we all drove to Galvestion Island and stayed there for a couple of days. Did some shopping along the strip and then for the 4th went to George W. Bush Sr. museum for their big fire works display. The weather was just perfect the 5 days we were there. Not to sure about the high rate of speed they drive down there, I noticed I was still driving 80 down I-49 coming home. We are home now back to our normal duties of life and enjoying the slower place of life. While we were down there, John and myself celebrated our “38th” wedding anniversary and Brandy celebrated her “30th” birthday.

• Happy birthday to Braeyly Weaver, John Nickel, Karson DeGraffenried, Cody Scott, Lavonne Carlile, Cheryl Wheldon, Tayler, Uselton, Ethan Firkins, Dana Woolery, Rebakah Lewis, Minnie Atchley.

• Happy anniversary to Shane and Shanna Kennedy, Clara and Fred Clickner, Bill and Nancy Lawson, Janet and Randy Daniels, and Herb and Verna Carver.


• There will be 5-Day Club for children ages 3-12 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. July 21-25 at Freeman Community Club. The event is free. Children will enjoy Bible and missionary lessons, games, prizes and snacks for 5 days.Contact Darlene with any questions at 816-250-2186.

West Line

By Gail Lyon

• West Line Christian Church’s new edition will be finshed by the end of this month. I can’t beleive it is already into July. This summer is going faster than ever.

• What great weather for the Fourth of July holiday. Barry and Carla had a Bar-B-Q 12-5 p.m. July 4. There were around 45 that attended. It was a great day and they had a blow-up water jumping thing for the kids. And they also have a pool. Later, some went to Drexel or Harrisonville.

• I had my grandkids Nathan, Abby and Emma on July 4 after we attended the fireworks with their parents at Harrisonville. The kids and I went to the Saturday night Bar-B-Q at the Park. We had a wonderful time.

• Happy Birthday: Caitlin Chaffin, Angie Irvin 13th, Bryan Boatwright, Lucas Carlson.

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