7-11 Letter to the Editor

July 11, 2014 

Dear Editor:

For the past twelve years I have been blessed to work with Cass County youth interested in the agriculture industry. I have watched as many of them have become leaders in agriculture throughout this county. As I work with young people today, I want to assure them of a continuous future of prosperity for Missouri agriculture.

On Aug. 5 we have the opportunity to support Missouri’s No. 1 economic and employment industry: agriculture. A “yes” vote on Amendment 1 – Keep Missouri Farming will ensure the prosperity of agriculture for future generations.

The Keep Missouri Farming Amendment is simply about giving Missouri family farms the right to produce food and fiber. It is not about corporate agriculture or factory farms. It is not about ending regulations on agriculture. It is not about rural interests pushing back against urban interest. It is not about tax increases.

It is simply about granting family farmers the right to produce our safe and diverse food and fiber supply. You may ask, “Why is this amendment needed, farmers can already do this.” Many Missourians are three to four generations removed from farming and do not understand modern family farm production. They believe what they see on TV or the internet from radical anti-agriculture groups. These anti-agriculture groups, from the east and west coasts, have been trying to persuade Missourians to place unnecessary regulations on agriculture – to drive out agriculture from Missouri and tell youth there is no future in agriculture.

On Aug. 5, we have the opportunity to stand up for agriculture and its future by voting “yes” on Amendment 1.

Jason Dieckhoff,

Garden City

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