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July 18, 2014 

Dear Editor:

Freedom of religion, the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, is under attack. Some of the original colonies refused to adopt the Constitution without a Bill of Rights.

Due to the great importance of freedom of religion and of speech, they were listed together first in it. Many of the early colonists fled England because the government tried to control their beliefs that followed the words of the Bible.

Today, many of our society and government discriminate against Christians, requiring them to change their beliefs to mirror those that they hold. Some declare that freedom of religion is limited to only inside the churches, suggesting that believers have no right to practice their faith in public. The churches under fire are mainly Bible-based faiths that follow the word of God as presented in it.

Acts 4:19 says, “we must obey God rather than man.” These believers would have to give up their faith to change it. They are charged by Jesus Christ not to “hide their light under a bushel,” but are instead to share it with the world. This is not a suggestion, but a commandment.

Changing their church's proclamations are not an option. They must put their faith into action.

Tyron Emerick,


Dear Editor:

What does MoDOT have to do with pedestrian and bicycle trails with accommodations; street cars; light rail; railroads; and other public transportation projects when funded by the cities?

Besides Kansas City, some cities’ sales taxes include rehabilitation projects, sports stadiums and parks/recreation. Per the St. Louis Dispatch, “The “MoDOT sales" tax increase would provide money not only for roads and bridges but could boost funding for mass transit, ports, airports, bike paths and pedestrian walkways.” Overall proposed MoDOT tax has become a “candy store.”

It should be funded only by fuel taxes for roads and bridges, nothing else. Railroads such as Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific are for-profit corporations.

The top four highest Missouri sales taxes are Woodson Terrace (St. Louis County), Belton, St. Louis and Kansas City. These areas border with other states with possible lower sales taxes.

My wife and I are in agreement with a letter by Fred Reiss who wrote “Trip reveals MoDOT’s spending” ( It’s true. We travel a lot in the upper Midwest and Arkansas and found out that Missouri is the only state with mileage makers every two-tenths of a mile – four extra per mile which is a real waste of taxpayers’ money.

Toll roads are not always the answer as there’s always construction everywhere, plus it takes extra time.

There are more business closings in Missouri that border other states. Extra sales taxes are hurting us and retail businesses. Many will shop in Kansas and businesses could relocate in Kansas.

This tax for 10 years is nonsen as it ends up later without a sunset. Ballot language is very vague.

More likely, metro areas besides I-44 and I-70 will benefit more than rural areas.

On Dec. 22, 2013, most churches and events were cancelled due to hazardous and dangerous road conditions, though the Kansas City Chiefs game did not. MoDOT utilized a crew to clear the nearby roads with our tax money for the Chiefs instead of using private contractors. We were advised to stay off the roads. This game could have been postponed one to two days later to make it up. Clearing the major roads and highways for safety are more important to us than a game.

Vote “no” to MoDOT Sales tax – Amendment 7 Aug. 5.

Bob Olsen,


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