Cass County Fair results

August 1, 2014 

Baby Show

0-3 Month Girls

First place, Raelin Neal; Second place, MaKinsley Brennecke; Third place, Londyn Bennett.

0-3 Month Boys

First place, Cain Preston Young; Second place, Owen Joseph Jones.

3-6 Month Girls

First place, Sophia Nolan; Second place, Kynlee Schlagle; Third place, Arianna Joanne Gimmarro.

3-6 Month Boys

First place, Liam Martin; Second place, Sawyer Nolan; Third place; Drake Ingoldsby.

6-12 Month Girls

First place, Paisley Heralow; Second place, Emma Grace Rose Whistle; Third place, Ava Tarpenning.

6-12 Month Boys

First lace, Jon Eli DeCavele; Second lace, Korbin Cates; Third place, Maverick Schlotzhauer.

12-18 Month Girls

First place, Parker Blakely Webber; Second place, Hadley Kate Crotty; Third place, Addyson Trammell.

12-18 Month Boys

First place, Jayden Jeffrey Walsh; Second place, Patrick O’Hanlon; Third place, Silas Duffey.

18-24 Month Girls

First place, Kennedy Noel Holcumbrink; Second place, Fynlee Heiman; Third place, Brinkley Goodall.

18-24 Month Boys

First place, Brody Schlotz-Hauer; Second place, Abe Pet-rowsky; Third place, Jet Zinn.

2-3 Year Girls

First place, Leni Betts; Second place, Maddison Caughern; Third place, Alaina Spencer.

2-3 Year Boys

First place, Isaac Schupp; Second place, Conley Kent; Third place, Lucas Spilman.

3-4 Year Girls

First place, Julia Krug; Second place, Emery DeCavele; Third place, Olivia Marcella Jones.

3-4 Year Boys

First place, Mikah Heiman.

4-5 Year Girls

No contestants.

4-5 Year Boys

First place, Kwenten Kiff; Second place,Cooper Tye; Third place, Logan Betts.

Dairy Cattle Show

At the dairy cattle show this year they had heifers and cows entered in eight classes. The results are as follows:

• Spring heifer calf – Woodrow Springer (Guern-sey); Austin Moreland (Holstein); Austin Moreland (Holstein).

• Winter heifer calf - Woodrow Springer (Guern-sey); Woodrow Springer (Guernsey).

• Fall heifer calf – Austin Moreland (Holstein); Austin Moreland (Holstein); Case Melzer (Holstein); Payton Baker (Holstein); Blake Moreland (Holstein).

• Summer Yearling – Woodrow Springer (Guern-sey); Austin Moreland (Holstein); Austin Moreland (Holstein).

• Spring Yearling – Blake Moreland (Holstein); Kris Taylor (Holstein).

• Winter Yearling – Wood-row Springer (Guernsey).

• Fall Yearling – Woodrow Springer (Guernsey).

• Two Year Old Cow – Blake Moreland (Holstein).

• Pee Wee (For exhibitors under 8) – Molly Melzer, Wyatt Springer, David Melzer, Evan Minor, and Aiden Minor.

Supreme Dairy Champion – Blake Moreland with his Holstein 2-year-old Cow. Blake also received a $50.00 savings bond from the Missouri Dairy Association.

Junior Showmanship – Was awarded to Payton Baker.

Senior Showmanship – Was awarded to Austin Moreland.

Rabbit Show

Best in Show Open: Mini Rex Broken SR Buck, Mathew Burdick, Blue Springs.

Reserve in Show Open: Holland Lop Solid SR Buck, Annamarie Beck,f Lee’s Summit.

Best in Show 4-H: Havana Black SR Doe, Kasey Johnson-Atkins, Holden.

Reserve in Show 4-H: Mini Lop Solid SR Doe, Emily Endecott, Cleveland.

Best of Breed Mini Rex Broken SR Buck, Mathew Burdick.

Best Opposite Sex Mini Rex: Blue JR Doe, Mathew Burdick.

Mini-Rex-Blue: SR Doe, Allison Shewmaker of Independence; Jr. Doe, Mathew Burdick.

Broken: SR Buck, Mathew Burdick; 2nd SR Buck, Mathew Burdick, JR Doe, Annamarie Beck.

Chocolate: JR Buck, SR Buck, Annamarie Beck.

Castor: SR Buck, Annamarie Beck.

Harlequin: SR Doe, Faith Lueker of Cleveland; 2nd SR Doe, Garret Black of Liberty.

Otter: SR Doe, Allison Shewmaker; JR Buck, Mathew Burdick; 2nd JR Buck, Annamarie Beck; JR Doe, Mathew Burdick.

Ruby Eyed White: JR Buck, Annamarie Beck, JR Doe, Mathew Burdick, 2nd JR Doe, Allison Shewmaker.

Best of Breed Mini Lop: Solid SR Doe, Emily Endecott.

Best Opposite Sex Mini Lop: Solid SR Buck, Karlin Peters of Holt.

Mini Lop - Solid: SR Buck, Karlin Peters; SR Doe, Emily Endecott; 2nd SR Doe, Karlin Peters; 3rd SR Doe, Tucker Black of Liberty

Broker: SR Buck, Karlin Peters.

Best of Breed Havana: Black SR Doe, Kasey Johnson-Atkins.

Best Opposite Sex Havana: Broken SR Buck, Kasey Johnson-Atkins.

Havana-Black: SR Doe, Kasey Johnson-Atkins.

Broken: SR Buck, Kasey Johnson-Atkins; SR Doe, Kasey Johnson-Atkins; JR Doe, Kasey Johnson-Atkins.

Chocolate: JR Buck, Kasey Johnson-Atkins; JR Doe, Kasey Johnson-Atkins.

Best of Breed Holland Lop: Solid SR Doe, Annamarie Beck.

Holland Lop - Solid: SR Doe, Annamarie Beck; 2nd SR Doe, Annamarie Beck.

Best of Breed Polish: Chocolate JR Doe, Emily Holder of Cleveland.

Polish - Black: JR Doe, Emily Holden.

Chocolate: JR Doe, Emily Holden.

Best of Breed Jersey Wooley: Shaded SR Doe, Mysti-Ane’ Pearce of Pleasant Hill.

Best of Breed Lionhead: Broken JR Doe, Tucker Black.

Best of Breed Rex: Broken SR Doe, Emily Holden.

Best of Breed Dutch: Blue SR Doe, Faith Lueker.

Best of Breed New Zealand: White JR Doe, Faith Lueker.

Best Opposite Sex New Zealand: White JR Buck, Faith Lueker.

Best of Breed Flemish Giant: Steel Gray JR Doe, Mathew Burdick.

Poultry Show

The poultry show began with the traditional crowing contest. Oddly enough, prior to the contest, there was all kinds of crowing going on. Yet, when the timer began, the crowing stopped. There was only one little partridge rooster who crowed once during the 5 minute contest. The winner received a gift certificate to Pleasant Hill Pet and Livestock.

Plaque winners this year included:

Best of Show: Evan Miller, Pleasant Hill, with his Speckled Sussex hen.

Showmanship: Jenna Everhart, Peculiar.

Large Breed Grand Champion- Paige Collins, Peculiar, with “Penny,” a Black Cochin hen.

Large Breed Grand Champion Reserve: Connor Everhart, Peculiar, with “Brownie,” a Polish hen.

Small Breed Grand Champion: Ashlynn Keilholz, Centerview, with a White Bearded Silkie hen.

Small Breed Grand Champion Reserve: Woody Springer, Pleasant Hill, with “Katie”, an Old English Game hen.

Waterfowl Grand Champion: Rosa Mars, Belton, with “Coco,” a Roven duck hen.

Waterfowl Grand Champion Reserve- Rosa Mars, with “Cola,” a Roven duck drake.

Other participants included Joelee Cleveland, Michael Cleveland, Bri Heintzelman, Brett Miller, Bailey Leighter, Ramsey Turk and Emily Holder.

Quilt Show

Traditional Quilt-Hand Quilted

Blue ribbon, Anita Bridges; Red ribbon, Jeanie Moore, Shirley Tolbert and Diann White; White ribbon, Shirley Tolbert.

Traditional Quilt-Machine Quilted

Blue ribbon: Michael Young, Kandi Dillon, Kathy Gribble (2), Debbie Smith, Sue Meyers (2), Laurie Wilkins, Judy VanBlarcum, Merideth Dyer, Leona Ragsdale, Shirley McPheeters and Robyn Gragg.

Red ribbon: Debbie Smith, Judy Kneebone, Anita Bridges, Jeanie Moore, Fran Pralle and Lynda Larimer (2).

White ribbon: Renee Leon, Joy Fullerton, Diann White, Michael Young, Nancy Wyatt, Geneva Spotz, Debbie Smith, Estelle Lee, Barbara Herrell, Joan Pickens, Stephanie Danforth (2), Rebecca Hart (2), Shirley McPheeters, Judy Kneebone, Mischaele Bearce and Melody Rudolph.

Non-Traditional Quilt-Hand Quilted

Blue ribbon: Ruth Ann Reynolds.

Red ribbon: Nancy Miller.

White ribbon: Diann White, Rebecca Hart and Donna Johnson.

Non-Traditional Quilt-Machine Quilted

Best of Show, Blue ribbon: Robyn Gragg.

Red ribbon: Sue Meyers, Judy Kneebone, Ruth Young and Jean Hedges.

White ribbon: Joy Fullerton, Kandi Dillon, Diann White, Geneva Spotz, Laurie Wilkins, Kelly Schroeder, Merideth Dyer, Joan Pickens, Ginger Friesz, Ellen Upchurch, Jan Vinyard, Amy Lewis(2), Fran Pralle, Lynda Larimer and Veronica Johnson.

Cass County Block:

Blue ribbon: Ginger Friesz, Theresa Kneebone, Veronica Johnson, Kandi Dillon, Michael Young, Laurie Wilkins and Shari Gilliam.

Red ribbon: Diann White, Joy Fullerton, Donna Crow, Clara Clickner and Jean Hedges.

White ribbon: Renee Leon, Nancy Wyatt, Geneva Spotz, Mischaele Bearce, Stephanie Danforth and Ruth Young.

Art Show

Fine Art-Best of Show: Phil Schmidt.

Members Memorial Award: Donna Thomas.

Pat Clarke Award: Emily Pfaff

Oil: First place, Rita Hutchinson; Second place, Donna Thomas; Third place, Carol Wheat.

Acrylic: First place, Lisa Schieszer; Second place, Joe Conard; Third place, Sarah King.

Watercolor: First place, Phil Schmidt; Second place, Carolyn Hughlett; Third place, Yvonne Prater.

Pastel: First place, Sharon Allen; Second place, Karen Stair; Third place, Gloria Davisson.

Drawing (pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, colored pencil): First place, Diane Compton; Second place, Sharon Parys; Third place, Robert Aunt.

Other Media (two or more mediums): First place, Alicia Arnold; Second place, Yvonne Prater; Third place, Joan Glabraith.

Portrait: First place, Roger Dick; Second place, Rachel Yoder; Third place, Diane Compton.

Animal/Wildlife: First place, Gloria Davisson; Second place, Kelli Connell; Third place, Sharon Parys.

Student Art

Grades K-2: First place, Bentli Wheeler; Second place, Susan Harp; Third place, Chaney Gray.

Grades 3-5: First place, Patricia Harp; Second place, Zach Redwine; Third place, Alli Redwine.

Grades 6-8: First place, Carly Roberts; Second place, Alison Roberts; Third place, Che’ Littlefield.

High School: First place, Anna Whitlock; Second place, Haley Lamborn; Third place, Jacob Harp.

Sculpture and Pottery: First place, Pat Conner; Second place, Joe Conard; Third place, Robin Caskey.

People’s Choice Fine Art

Adult: Rita Hutchinson.

High School: Jacob Harp.

Elementary: Patricia Harp.

Primary: Susan Harp.


Best of Show-Photography: Elaine Meyer.

Photography-Not Enhanced: First place, Brian Compton; Second place, Stephanie Rohr; Third place, Jeanine Wilson.

Photography-Enhanced: First place, Mike Bowman; Second place, Brian Compton; Third place, Paul Conner.

People’s Choice-Photography: Kim McLees.

Home Economics Show

People’s Choice:

Youth Division: Daria Bennett - Quilted Tote, Devin Bennett - Airplane and Kelsey Harms - Peanut Butter Brownies. Adult Division: Brooke Randolph - Fancy Cake; Oshen Swope - Burned wood Tractor; Pamela Claudius - Cowgirl Doll; Debbie Aiman - Cat Floral; Virginia Goosey, Embroidered Pillow Cases and Dawn Scarborough - Tomato Basil Jam.

Embroidery: Purple Virginia Goosey and Blue Beverly Kincaid.

Crochet: Best of Show, Purple (1) and Blue (4) Betty Smith,

Blue - Vickey Gray (6), Quin Canada (2), Michelle Rinck (4), Dana Gilsdorf (2), Pamela Claudius and Joan Christman.

Hand Knitting: Best of Show Patricia Harp. Purple Sandi Bockelman and Pamela Claudius. Blue Jacqueline Harp, Donna Eckhoff (2), Patricia Dickerson.

Special Projects: Blue Debbie Aiman, Jacqueline Harp (2), Judy Tosh.

Needlework: Blue - Marie Main (2) and Virginia Goosey (3).

Sewing: Best of Show and Blue - Pat Goranflo, and Youth Division - Rachel Barry.

Blue - Jennifer Conner (2), Nancy Southard (4), Pamela Claudius (2), Beverly Kincaid and Patricia Dickersen and Youth Division Libbie Lundeen.

Red - Debbie Aiman, Judy Tosh and Youth Division - Ariel Conner (2).

Crafts: Best if Show and Blue - Debbie Aiman, and Youth Division Rachel Barry.

Blue - DeAnn Bennett, Nancy Southard (2) -Youth Division - Daria Bennett (2), Patricia Harp (2), and Jacqueline Harp. Red - Cherie Walker Pearson.

Wood Crafts: Best of Show, Blue & Red - Paul Conner. Blue - Oshen Swope, Youth Division - Devin Bennett and Molly Takacs. Red - Judy Tosh.

Floral Arrangement: Blue - Debbie Aiman and Judy Tosh. Red - Virginia Goosey.

Food-Yeast Breads: Blue - Jean Pinkston.

Quick Breads: Blue - Trish Takacs, Debbie Aiman and Beverly Kincaid.

Fancy Cakes: Purple - Brooke Randolph.

Cookies: Blue - Bill Schwagerman, Becky Curtin, Marilyn Nickle, Pam Sparks, Dawn Scarborough and Beverly Kincaid, Red. Youth Division - Kelsey Harms and Jennifer Burris.

Pies: Best of Show, Blue - Dawn Scarborough. Blue - Patricia Dickersen.

Candy: Blue- Debbie Aiman.

Canned Goods: Best of Show and 2 Blues - Dawn Scarborough. Blue - Debbie Aiman (5). Red - Debbie Aiman (3), Becky Curtin (2) Beverly Kincaid and Cherie Walker Pearson (4).

Agriculture Show

Cut Horticulture

Best of Show, Judge’s Merit, Blue (2) and Red (2) - Dorothy Hanson. Best of Show, Blue (4) and Red - Larry Boucher. Judge’s Merit, Blue (2) Red (2) - Carol Thompson.

Blue ribbons: Barb Boucher (6), Cherie Pearson (3), Sereta Winkle (2), Bernadette Zeller, (2), Debby Bailey, Cheryl Beckerdite, Dawn Scarborough (6), Brooke Randolph, Ed Friedrich and Laura Lee (2). Youth Division - Patty Harp and Jackie Harp.

Red ribbons: Barb Boucher (3), Cherie Pearson, Sereta Winkle (2), Bernadette Zeller (3), Debby Bailey (3), Cheryl Beckerdite, Dawn Scarborough, Brooke Randolph (2) and Laura Lee.

White ribbons: Barb Boucher, Cherie Pearsen, Bernadette Zeller, Dawn Scarborough and Brooke Randolph.

Potted Plants

Best of Show, Blue - Cheryl Beckerdite and Barbara Meyer (6).

Blue ribbons: Dottie Scott (2), Dawn Scarborough, Bernadete Zeller, Sereta Winkle (2).

Red ribbons: Bernadette Zeller, Sereta Winkle (2) Anita Wheeler.

White ribbon: Sereta Winkle.

Floral arrangements

Best of Show, Blue ribbon: Sereta Winkle.

Blue ribbons: Barbara Boucher (2), Larry Boucher, Carol Thompson.

Red ribbon: Carol Thompson.


Blue ribbons: Bernadette Zeller and Youth Division - Devin Bennett.

Red ribbons: Brad Bockelman and Laura Lee.

Fresh Vegetables

Best of Show: Brad Bockelman, Chet Ayler.

Judges Merit: Julie Holder (3) and Youth Division - Devin Bennett.

Blue ribbons: Brad Bockelman (2), Charles Woodward (2), Julie Holder (3), Aaron Holder, Jeffrey Walsh (6), Jessica Walsh (2), Clinton Wright, Bernadette Zeller (5) Chet Ayler (2), Bill Curtin and Dorothy Hanson (6). Youth division- Blue ribbon, Patty Harp.

Red ribbons: Brad Bockelman, Laura Lee, Debbie Aiman, Julie Holder, Jeffrey Walsh, Clinton Wright (2) and Dorothy Hanson (2).

White ribbons: Jeffrey Walsh, Clinton Wright (2), and Chet Ayler (2).



Blue ribbons: Brittany Couch, Grace Keilholz.

Red ribbon: Jamie Williams.

White ribbons: Tommy Williams, Kaycee Kincaid.


Red ribbons: Tommy Williams, Jamie Williams.


Blue ribbons: Kaycee Kincaid, Grace Keilholz.

Hot Peppers

Judge’s Choice: Kaycee Kincaid.

Blue ribbons: Kaycee Kincaid, Grace Keilholz.


Blue ribbon: Grace Keilholz.


Judge’s Choice and Blue ribbon: Grace Keilholz.

Green Beans

Blue ribbon: Grace Keilholz.

Red ribbon: Blake Rutherford.

Cherry Tomatoes:

Red ribbon: Kaycee Kincaid.


Judge’s Choice - Brittany Couch.

Blue ribbons: Brittany Couch, Grace Keilholz.

Red ribbons: Blake Rutherford, Kaycee Kincaid and Grace Keilholz.


Blue ribbon: Grace Keilholz.


Judge’s Choice and Blue ribbon: Grace Keilholz.


Judge’s Choice and Blue ribbon: Grace Keilholz.

Herb (Dill)

Blue ribbon: Grace Keilholz.

Canning (Relish)

Blue ribbon: Grace Keilholz.

Canning (Beets)

Blue ribbon: Grace Keilholz.


Judge’s Choice: Jacob Harris.

Blue ribbons: Jacob Harris, Sarah Baker, Walker Reed, Bo Hart and Jordan Reffitt.

Red ribbons: Alex Burris and Chris Phelps.

Wall Decorations

Blue ribbon: Patricia Stillwell.

Red ribbon: Jerald Brown.

Silk Dried Bud Vases

Blue ribbons: Patricia Stillwell, Alysha Holt.

Red ribbons: Devin Genty, Taylor Ross, Candice Williams, Kirsten Kintz, Nathan Ryan, Gracyn Walters, Adam Mansfield, Steven Vaughn and Amy Freed.

Bridal Bouquet

Judge’s Choice: Jamie Williams.

Blue ribbons: Jamie Williams, Allie Schwartz.

Silk Dried Centerpiece

Red ribbon: Mysti-Ane’ Pearce.

Flower Wall Hanging

Blue ribbon: Brittany Couch.


Red ribbon: Dallas Johnson.

Tool Box

Judge’s Choice: Kyle Hayes.

Blue ribbons: Kyle Hayes, Blake Freiner, Kim Foley, Corey Helton, Michael Willems, Jake Harrell, Wes Clark, Hailey Regan, Brett Flickinger, Taylor Sullivan, Jerald Brown, Hunter Kremer, Dalton Haynes, Riley Lawson, Dakota Sims, Jessica Edmiston, Alexis Fisher, Jessie Huggins, Lundin Schmill, Mason Pritchett, Kyler Burroughs, Jessie Miller, Elijah Burton and Dalton Fritts. Red ribbons: Kayla Morgan, Cody Lancaster.

White ribbons: Tyler McMurry, Lane Freeman and Tristan Smith.

Wall Shelf

Blue ribbons: Madison Smith, Derick Campbell, Elijah Burton, Jessie Miller, Jessica Edmiston, Alexis Fisher, Hailey Regan and Caleb Holle.

Plant Hanger

Blue ribbons: Cody Lancaster, Dakota Sims, Maverick McDowell, Wes Clark, Brett Flickinger; Derick Campbell, Lane Freeman, Caleb Holle, Diamond Baker, Mason Pritchett, Riley Lawson, Madison Smith, Troy Delcour, Hunter Kremer, Kayla Morgan, Kayla Binkley, Jessie Huggins, Blake Freiner, Taylor Sullivan, Tyler McMurry, Dalton Haynes, Tristan Dotson, and Corey Helton; Red ribbons: Jessie Miller, Tristan Smith, John Oberdorf, Amie Allen, Izak Bergschneider and Mike Ramsdill.

White ribbon: Lundin Schmill.

Miscellaneous Bedding Plant

Blue ribbon: Chris Phelps.

Red ribbon: Walker Reed.

White ribbon: Alysha Holt.

Regular Planters

Judge’s Choice: Nathan Ryan.

Blue ribbons: Nathan Ryan, Sarah Baker and Amy Freed.

Spider Plant

Red ribbon: Kin John.

Dish Planters

Blue ribbons: Kaycee Kincaid, Brittany Couch.

Medicine Plant

Blue: Kaycee Kincaid.

Terrarium Planters

Judge’s Choice: Tyler Robling, Garrett Seller.

Blue ribbons: Tyler Robling, Garrett Seller and Hunter Strain.


Judge’s Choice and Blue ribbon: Mysti-Ane’ Pearce.

Cake Cart

Judge’s Choice and Blue ribbon: George Montag.

Gun Cabinet

Blue ribbon: Jake Harrell.

Planter Box Flowers

Judge’s Choice: Kin John.

Blue ribbons: Kin John, Brittany Couch and Alex Burris.

Planter Box (Construction)

Blue ribbon: Alex Burris.


Red ribbon: Jade Milbrandt.

Boot Block

Blue ribbons: Patricia Stillwell, Jerald Brown.

Horseshoe Wall Hanging Cross

Blue ribbon: Patricia Stillwell.

Horseshoe Wall Hanging Heart

Blue ribbon: Patricia Stillwell.

Horseshoe Figurine

Blue ribbon: Patricia Stillwell, Jamie Williams and Matt Vest.

Wood Work (Penguins)

Blue ribbons: Ashlen Snow, Tanner Archer.

Wood Work (Bird House)

Red ribbon: Kayt Whitney.

Tile Top Wood Table

Judge’s Choice and Blue ribbon: Joey Smith.

Pet Show

Best Trick: First place, Bingo with Sami; Second place, Sweat Pea with Karen Bugart.

Best Costume: First place, Baby with Gavin Ellison and Millie with Jan Shook; Second place, Teddy with Drake Ellison; Third place, Kelly with Alli Barry and Gigi with Luke Ellison.

Pet/Owner Look-A-Like: First place, Teddy with Drake Ellison; Second place, Millie with Jan Shook; Third place, Bingo with Charlie Green and Gigi with Misty Ellison, Bay with Gavin Ellison.

Shortest Dog Over 1 Year: First place, Teddy with Drake Ellison; Second place, Baby with Gavin Ellison; Third place, Sophie with Helen Stewart.

Most Bling: First place, Millie with Jan Shook; Second place, Kelly with Alli Barry; Third place, Sophie with Helen Stewart.

Funniest Hat: First place, Gigi with Drake Ellison and Millie with Jan Shook; Second place, Baby with Gavin Ellison.

Most Unusual Pet: Sophie (pig) with Joelee Cleveland.

Longest Ears/Tail (Total Length): First place, Sherman with Kelly Bryant; Second, Underdog with Rog Stansberry.

People’s Choice Winner: Sophie (pig) with Joelee Cleveland.

Bike Rodeo

Top Scorer

5-8 Girls: Addie Tippie.

9-12 Girls: Vanessa Peters.

5-8 Boys: Devin Bennett.

9-12 Boys: Ryker Williamson.

Bicycle drawing winners: Greyson Wise, Karleigh Tevis, Kole Starlin, Shannon Williamson, Collin Steverson, Alivia Giesbrecht, A.J. Tindall, Brynden Smith, Ashlynn Wallace, Devin Foley, Claire Caley, Brody Powell, Evie Kauffman, Bailey Lowe, Van Walter, Syndie Cotter, Jacob Petrowsky and Hannah Ponder.

Beef Show

Class 102 Senior Heifer Calf: First place, Isabel Lowe; Second place, Baxter Lowe; Third place, Zach Bolinger; Fourth place, Kendra Pryor; Fifth place: Bailey Collier.

Class 103 Summer Yearling Heifer: First place: Hunter Koch; Second place, Zach Bolinger.

Class 104A Junior Yearling Heifer (Short Horns): First place: Kameran Collier, Second place, Zach Bolinger; Third place, Bailey Collier.

Class 104B: First place, Hunter Koch; Second place, Zachary Koch; Third place, Hunter Self; Fourth place, McKenzi Self.

Class 104C: First place, Kaitlyn Fifer.

Class 105A Senior Yearling Heifer: First place, Jessie Lowe; Second place, Kameran Collier.

Class 105B: First place, Kaitlyn Fifer;

Class 106 Cow Calf Pair: First place, McKenzi Self.

Grand Champion Female: Hunter Koch’s Junior Yearling Heifer.

Reserve Champion Female: McKenzi Self’s Cow Calf Pair.

Class 109A Steers (weighing 1045-1115 lbs.): First place, Lyle Bruns; Second place, Kendra Pryor.

Class 109B Steers (weighing 1330-1370 lbs.): First place, Zach Bolinger; Second place, Frank Yoakum.

Grand Champion Steer: Lyle Bruns.

Reserve Champion Steer: Zach Bolinger.

Class 112 Junior Bull Calf: First place, McKenzi Self.

Class 113 Senior Bull Calf: First place, Kendra Pryor.

Class 113D Senior Yearling Bull: First place, Baily Collier;

Grand Champion Bull: Bailey Collier’s Senior Yrlg. Bull,

Reserve Champion Bull: Kendra Pryor’s Senior Bull Calf.

Grand Champion Junior Showman (Age 8-10): McKenzi Self.

Grand Champion Intermediate Showman (Ages 11-14): Kameran Collier.

Grand Champion Senior Showman: Kaitlyn Fifer.

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