Harrisonville ACT scores above average

August 29, 2014 

Harrisonville High School students’ composite score on the ACT rose this year to 22.1, an increase of more than half a percentage point from the 2013 score of 21.5.

The state composite score for the year was 21.8.

HHS students scored above state averages and increased scores in three of the four areas test. In English, the state average was 21.6, while HHS students scored 21.7 and last year’s HHS score was 21. Reading scores were 23.4 for HHS, 22.3 for the state, and the 2013 HHS score was 21.8. Finally, in science, HHS students scored 22.1 while the state average was 21.7 and last year’s HHS score was 21.8. In math, HHS students maintained a score of 20.7, which was last year’s score as well. The state average in math is 21.1.

One hundred thirty-seven HHS students took the ACT last year, the most in the last five years.

The next ACT of the year is Saturday, Sept. 13; however, the registration deadline has passed. The next available testing date Saturday, Oct. 25, with a registration deadline of Friday, Sept. 19. Harrisonville High School is an ACT testing site.

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