Community member proposes working together to pay off school district meal debt

February 9, 2017 

In the Jan. 27 issue of The Cass County Democrat Missourian, there was an article written by Max Londberg, titled, “District taking steps to recover meal program debt.”

After reading this article, I quickly thought, this is not a school problem, this is not one family’s problem, this is a community problem. We all have a responsibility as citizens of Harrisonville to make sure all kids in our community have the basic things they need to thrive (e.g. shelter, food, clothing, sanitation, education and healthcare). If students don’t have the basics, learning and thriving is near impossible. So what can we do as a community to help solve this problem?

I propose we work with the Harrisonville School District Foundation, area businesses, community leaders and other community members to start a program to fund lunches for kids who can’t afford them. I don’t have all logistics figured out yet but would like to start some discussion on how to make this a reality.

I love the community of Harrisonville. I have been a part of it for 47 years and I am so proud of it. Our community always pulls together when a member of our community needs support. Let’s do the right thing and support our kids. Join with me in starting a program that helps provide for our kids’ basic needs so they can focus on getting a good education and being positive contributors to our society.

In the next few weeks, I will request a meeting with the appropriate representatives of the Harrisonville School District Foundation and school administrators to further explore this opportunity. If you would like to join me in this initial meeting, please text me at 816-738-1435 or email me at Let’s get back to the basics. Kids come first. Period.

Tad C. Snell,


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