A bit of advice for conservatives and liberals

ColumnistFebruary 9, 2017 

During the course of my lifetime, I have had several opportunities to offer advice: some has even been solicited. I rather enjoy reminding people that I am in the title business, not the advice-giving business. You will never see a column from me along the lines of Miss Manners or Dear Abby. I am also quick to point out that my advice is worth exactly what I charge for it.

With all that being said, it has been pointed out to me that I have been rather free with giving guidance to my liberal friends and family members. Perhaps that’s true. It may very well be time for me to address those conservatives within my small sphere of influence.

We are living in a time and a political atmosphere for which there is no readily available comparison. My guess is that it’s similar to the first-ever overtime in a Super Bowl: It just isn’t expected.

As recently as six months ago, no one could have predicted that we would have a Republican president, a Republican majority in Congress, a Republican governor, a Republican majority in the statehouse, three Republican Cass County commissioners and a large majority of Cass County office holders being Republicans. Yet here we are.

Conservatives have to be pleased, but that does not mean that our job is finished. No, our work has only just begun, and this is where my advice giving begins.

You see, all these elected officials have been placed in a unique time and place by a conservative electorate. Our duty now is one of guidance and support. They are already being hounded by naysayers and pessimists who are predicting nothing short of Armageddon.

We must remember the haunting words of Lord Acton, when in 1887 he wrote: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

We can ill afford to allow the comfortable majorities and control now held by Republicans to lead to corruption. It is incumbent upon us, the conservatives, to be ever vigilant to be of whatever help we can be to keep those in power focused upon the mission put before them.

President Trump is the 13th man to occupy the White House during my lifetime. During roughly 56 percent of my time on this earth, a Republican has been president while 44 percent of the time, it has been a Democrat. While none of us can predict the future, from a purely statistical viewpoint, odds are that the next president could very well be a Democrat.

My advice to fellow conservatives is really quite simple. Do not rest on your laurels, on the perceived notion that we are in control and that everything is going to work for the good. Remember that those we have elected to Washington, to Jefferson City, and yes, to Harrisonville, need to hear from us. Let them know when they are doing things right, but most assuredly when they are not.

And finally, for those of you who do not consider yourselves to be conservatives, but have managed to keep reading to this point: your input is important, as well. Please refrain from negativity and taking cheap potshots, there are plenty of folks already taking care of that for you.

What our nation really needs right now is for all of us to put aside our personal agendas and to work together to ensure that we continue being the greatest nation on earth. God bless America!

David Coffelt is a Harrisonville area resident and his email address is dcoffelt@coffeltlandtitle.com.

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