Letter to the editor

I’m for the responsible party, for everyone

February 16, 2017 

This election had me down. I can’t count how many times I told my friends, “No matter which Presidential candidate I vote for, I’ll feel like taking a shower afterward.” This holds true for some of the other candidates, too.

Because, see, I believe everybody needs to be responsible for their own actions. If you are a poor person with no education, no job prospects, and no independent wealth, the answer to your problems is not to get pregnant or rob a store.

I don’t believe your bad judgment should be my problem. There are plenty of birth control methods out there, and folks who will help you find your way, if you ask. Accept responsibility for your own actions and quit blaming society.

By the same token, I think corporations, factories, and farms that go around spilling toxic junk (fumes, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, you name it) into our air, food, and water sources need to be held accountable for that. Yes, you might be providing warmth, food, and services to people, but you shouldn’t be helping to kill us in the cause of making more money.

Life is hard enough without mass flooding, huge carbon footprints, superbugs and strange growths. Accept responsibility for your actions and quit blaming the EPA, the USDA, and for God’s sake, quit complaining about the IRS. Be glad you make enough money to taxes.

The problem is that in the current political system, both parties are attempting to protect irresponsible people by blaming “the other guys.” One is against “government regulation” and the other is against “corporate greed.” Let’s face it: both sides are at fault. But how do we fix this, if nobody admits it, and nobody budges? And, finally, where is the party that believes in making EVERYBODY responsible for the future of our great nation?

Lucy Rangel, Peculiar

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