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    Coping with winter blahs

    About 10 years ago, Dr. Cliff Arnall, an English psychologist, declared the third Monday in January to be Blue Monday, designating it as the worst or most depressing day of the year. His findings were based upon several variables including weather, debt, failed resolutions and the length of time...


    Sporting chance

    Kids were running all over an indoor athletic training facility on a field divided in half by a large floor-to-ceiling net. On the left side of the net was a lacrosse league, and to the right, a baseball team. I sat and watched both practices for a while, taking inventory of the equipment being ...


    Phone tag 101

    More than once than once I’ve returned a phone message by leaving the message of, “Tag, you’re it!” The caller who had initiated the process then knew that I was now owed a return call, and that I had absolved myself from any further responsibility in the game.


    The seasonal flu: It could be worse edition

    The seasonal flu is awful.


    Speaking of rights in our nation

    I feel very fortunate to have lived my entire life in the great state of Missouri, right in the heart of the greatest nation on earth. It is indeed a blessing to live in a country that places high value on the freedoms of public assembly, worship and free speech.


    1-16 Letter to the Editor

    Dear Editor:


    David Coffelt: A step in the right direction

    The Cass County Commission recently announced plans to hire a full-time county administrator. This progressive thinking is exactly what this county needs. Managing the business of the county is the task required of the County Commission. When any entity is dealing with a budget as large as our county...


    New Year brings bounty of amusements

    Well, it's the New Year. I have artfully dodged all of the New Year-New Me nonsense going around. In addition, I have made no resolutions that I will either fail at, or downright ignore, within a matter of weeks. So far, so good.


    Resolve to have a happy New Year

    I recently read that, according to surveys, only 8 percent of Americans successfully achieve their New Year's resolutions. A whopping 45 percent fail by the end of January.


    Roy Blunt's future looks secure

    Political pundits have turned their attention to the 2016 presidential race and have even spent a few hours contemplating Sen. Claire McCaskill's plans that year – will she, or won't she, run for Missouri governor?

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